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Intercultural Effectiveness Seminars

Connecting to Empower Change


HealthFinders Collaborative is dedicated to addressing racial and social injustices by offering opportunities that empower change in our communities.

Connecting to Empower Change

The goal of our Intercultural Effectiveness trainings is to offer a shared understanding and build towards a community of connectedness. We do this by training and empowering communities to dismantle patterns of racism and injustice on both interpersonal and systematic levels by facilitating discussions around issues of inequity and inequality.  



Since 2019 HFC has trained over 2,500 professionals in this seminar, mentoring over two-dozen organizations of all sizes, across many sectors, including health systems, government, education, human services, and local businesses.  


In addition to tailoring sessions to each organization’s expectations and needs, HFC collects surveys from each session, integrating feedback into future sessions. While every individual is on their own journey of acceptance and understanding of these difficult topics, surveys have shown an extremely positive reception among attendees.  


Further, many partner organizations continue to engage with HFC as they engage on their own policy and practice changes. HFC is committed to continuing alongside organizations in their journey. HFC facilitators are also engaged in ongoing training themselves, engaging external resources to help their own methods and build their curriculum.  


HealthFinders Collaborative is dedicated to addressing racial and social injustices by offering opportunities that empower change in our communities. 


Our commitment to partnering agencies

HealthFinders commits to helping your organization and its members by stewarding your process of growth, understanding, and unlearning.


To bring understanding of current and past issues around racism, discrimination, and prejudice.  


We commit to presenting current and relevant content.


To create a safe space for honest and respectful self-reflection.


Training Structure

Intercultural Effectiveness Seminars are composed of three main parts: 

  • The first session focuses on building the foundation- a deeper understanding of bias, privilege, and equity

  • The second session is an in-person training of approximately 1.5 hours with the client organization, and its designated departmental teams. The in-person training will consist of a review of the video contents, conversation, and specified subject training requested by the lead agency, and group exercises to meet the need

  • The final session consists of a follow up from the HealthFinders IES team with the client organization to answer any follow up questions, set up further training, and involve a report back to understand where the lead agency has applied the contents of the Intercultural Effectiveness Seminar and its tools.


To learn more, please email Daisey Sanchez at or Wendy Sara at 

What others are saying

“I walked away at the end of the day thinking to myself, ‘that is a session that everyone in Rice County would benefit from.’ And I don’t think that I have ever walked out of a training thinking that.”

— James G. Marthaler, MA, Rice County Social Services

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