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Behavioral Health Program

Behavioral Health encompasses our mental health and substance use services.

We provide culturally appropriate services that are person-centered, strengths-based, trauma-informed and rooted in a harm reduction model.

Mental health services include diagnostic assessments, education, individual therapy to address concerns that are identified during the intake and assessment process, and crisis intervention services. 

Access to additional services and supports are also available to individuals and families through advocacy and care coordination. Due to provider availability, certain types of appointments are only available at specific locations. Contact us to learn more.  

Substance use services focus on all levels of community ties to substance use, including prevention work, assessment, and support to those who are at risk of, affected by, and who currently use substances. 

We seek to ensure access to services and care for individuals who are uninsured, on Medicaid or a Prepaid Medical Assistance Plan (PMAP) and are traditionally underserved.

Who We Serve

We believe in a community-driven, multifaceted approach to working with those impacted by substance use, including prevention, assessment, and support. We provide services to anyone 10 years old and above, and seek to ensure access to care for those who are uninsured and underserved, as well as those on Medicaid or a Prepaid Medical Assistance Plan (PMAP). We are proud to be a trusted provider of choice for Latine immigrants and Somali refugees and their families.


Services Offered

Clinic Services

Substance Use:

  • Recovery support

  • Outreach

  • Education, prevention

  • Screening

  • Comprehensive assessments

  • Individual, group and family services

  • Treatment coordination

  • Medications for SUD

  • Jail diversion

  • Harm reduction practices

Mental Health:

  • Diagnostic assessments

  • Education

  • Individual therapy

  • Crisis intervention

  • Care coordination

School-Based Services


  • Integrated SUD services

    • Prevention

    • Early identification

    • Education

    • Screening

    • Assessment 


  • Integrated SUD services

  • Mental Health Services

Get Support

Anyone interested in services for themselves or a loved one is encouraged to call 507.323.8100 or email


You are also welcome to contact the SUD Treatment Director directly at 507.646.8975, or the Director of Behavioral Health Programs at 507.646.8979.


All substance use services and programming are provided with confidentiality and an individual’s right to privacy as a priority. 

Minors 16 years old and above are able to consent to their own treatment, with or without guardian consent. If a minor wishes to share information with a guardian, they need to sign a release to enable our team to share information with a designated guardian. 

Substance Use Services & Programs 

Mobile Opioid Support Team (MOST) 

MOST provides services to those in Rice County who are impacted by or working towards recovery from Opiate and Stimulant Use Disorders. The MOST program offers access to limited emergency funds, resource referrals, and 1:1 support from substance use staff.  

Medications for Opioid Use Disorders (MOUD)

Our MOUD program serves individuals regardless of insurance (private or State-managed plan) by providing access to medications that reduce cravings for opiates.

Syringe Services Program (SSP) 

SSP is a free distribution service for anyone in the state that has a desire to reduce the harms associated with substance use. Supplies available include sterile injection supplies, safe disposal of used syringes, naloxone, fentanyl and xylazine testing strips, STI testing, and resource navigation for holistic healthcare. 

Jail and Charge Diversion 

HealthFinders works in partnership with Rice County Community Corrections to provide resources and reduce law enforcement contact with those who have substance use-related charges.  

Clinic and School-Based Substance Use Services 

Our team provides services in our clinics and area schools, and works alongside our partners to implement prevention efforts, as well as identify, assess, and connect individuals with appropriate resources to deal with the stressors related to substance use. For those who would benefit from treatment services, we offer comprehensive assessments, individual education and counseling, group education and counseling, family education and support, as well as treatment coordination.  

Peer Recovery Support Groups 

These groups are open to all youth aged 10-20 who have been impacted by substance use. Groups focus on navigating concerns tied to substance use, promoting sober leisure activities, and developing life skills in a youth-centered environment.  

Our Mission

HealthFinders Collaborative Behavioral Health Program is dedicated to fostering holistic well-being by offering culturally specific and comprehensive behavioral health services to individuals and families from diverse backgrounds. Our mission is to break down barriers, eliminate stigma, and provide equitable access to transformative care that addresses both mental health and substance use challenges. Through collaboration, education, and innovation, we strive to empower individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives, while fostering a community that embraces every person's journey towards healing and resilience. 

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